Đội ngũ giáo viên


Mr. William – Director of Operation




-PGD (Marketing) Singapore


-Executive Director Didform Singapore

-Marketing Director Expanded Metal Singapore

-Managing Director Youli Enterprise

-Chief Representative & Branch Director Gannon

-RVi Centre ( Country Manager)


Mr.William Chu

Teacher Cristina


-Bachelor’s degree in Education at Philippine Normal University, Manila


-English teacher at International schools in Philippine

-English teacher for students in Seul, Korea

-English teacher in RVi Hanoi since 2011

Tina-300x279“The teacher is like a bridge and they invite students to cross over the bridge, then he guides his students and encourages them to become creative and life long learners”

Teacher Paye Benhur


-Bachelor’s degree in Primary education – Math in Philippine University

-Master in Education management 2001


-Math teacher in City Central School, Philippines

-Math and Science teacher in Primary and Secondary in RVi Centre Group since 2010


Benhur-225x300“Learning is a never ending process, and the beautiful thing about it is that NO ONE can take it away from you”

Teacher Rosa

 I graduated with a degree in Education, major in Social Sciences and minor in English (with distinction) in one of the most prestigious university in the Philippines. I started teaching English, History and Economics at the age of 20 in a Filipino-Chinese school in Manila. From then on, I have never ceased my passion for teaching. In my 11 years of teaching career, I have also learned extensively and further nurtured myself as an academician. Aside from my professional teaching license, I also possess a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

 Teaching in RV Centre for four years continuously graces me a deeper appreciation in teaching English. It is a chance for me to equip my enthusiastic Vietnamese students who aspire to study abroad and to come back to their country as a source of pride and hope for Vietnam’s future.

 My aim is not only to provide English learning to my students but also to empower them with English as a tool to face the challenges that are in store for them in the hereafter.


-Bachelor’s degree in English teaching in Philippine Normal University, Manila 2004

-Master in Education 2008


-English teacher in Philippine Tiong Se Academy

-English teacher in Seul, Korea

-English teacher in RVi Hanoi since 2012, specializing in Asean, A Star scholarships, Polytechnics and Universities in Singapore

Rosa1 “I had always wanted to teach, I am one proud teacher”

Teacher Vangie


-Master of Science in Computer Science

-Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

-Teaching Certificate


-Teacher in University, High School, Middle School, Primary  (Mathematics/ICT)

-Principal in Primary School

-Acting Dean College of Computer Science

-Assistant Dean College of Computer Science

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man how to feed and you feed him for a lifetime!” 

Teacher Sadiq Sumar


– Graduating in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham


– Having taught both English and Mathematics in public schools in China and Vietnam

– Volunteering and teaching in Uganda

– Worked in a struggling school in Nottingham


“Learning is a life long process. It doesn’t stop in the classroom”